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    She lost 22 pounds and didn’t even go to the gym

    Angel Bowyer (22) began to gain weight due to her poor eating habits. Her diet consisted mainly of fast food. She hadn’t eaten anything green in two years. However, three years ago, Angel decided to change her lifestyle and focus on fitness. Unfortunately, she was too scared to go to the gym, so she only exercised outdoors and at home.

    Despite this, she achieved excellent results by doing HIIT workouts and weight exercises. She lost 22 kilograms without a gym.

    – I started slowly with one workout a week and slowly increased them. I started exercising five times a week. I also searched and read articles in gym workout magazines and followed them to create the ones that suited me, ”Angel said.

    Now she boasts 106,000 followers on Instagram, where she shows off her impressive new physique and shares exercise tips.

    She not only shows her body on social media but also wants to encourage others to include healthy foods in their menu.

    It focuses on a healthy diet with lots of protein like chicken, beef and peanut butter. But he still enjoys foods that aren’t exactly healthy, like ice cream.

    Latest Posts


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