Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    She has a contract with the football player, if the love breaks, the model will be richer by 10 million euros

    He often posts provocative photos on Instagram

    Attractive model Jovana Gajic came into the spotlight of the domestic public after she won the heart of the then member of the Serbian national team, which happened again after new media reports.

    Football player Zoran Tosic and Jovana Gajic have been in love since 2013, and “Mondo” writes that the couple is not married but has some kind of contract according to which the model is entitled to a certain amount of money in case of a breakup.

    The same source stated the figure of 10 million euros but also stated that neither Zoran nor Jovana confirmed the story. Tosic has two daughters from a previous marriage, while Jovana Gajic gave birth to a son and a daughter.

    The former member of the Serbian national team is currently playing for Chinese Taizu, and he earned millions in his career by playing mainly in CSKA Moscow, while he was also a Manchester United football player for whom he played two games.

    The former model is quite active on social networks. About 134,000 people follow her on Instagram, who often have the opportunity to see her provocative photos.

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