Sexual devices popular in Icelandic parties

“These are very diverse groups who are ordering home presentations which makes it just so much fun, this is clearly something for everyone.” This is what Saga, another owner of the sex equipment store, says

Kynlifstaekjabudin opened at the end of last year and Saga says the reception has exceeded the brightest hopes. Saga says that the home presentations have been successful and it is clear that the curiosity and demand are great.

How do home presentations work?

We come to the area with a selection of our favorite products and then introduce most of the products that we offer. What usually happens is that there is a lot of fun and interesting discussions and we get to hear all kinds of exciting stories. There is a completely different atmosphere within the group when people start to open up, share, and talk about sex in general.

Are people not shy about asking you questions or discussing these issues?

“No, not at all. It is important to have this light and fun. When the humor is not far away, people manage to relax and then the shyness disappears. ”

Saga says that the benefits of home presentations are many and in addition to being able to get to know the products better and experience a fun time, people are offered a 10% discount on all products.

“It always strikes a chord and it’s very nice to see how mixed the groups are sometimes. These are not always just geese and squirrels, although it is common, but also all sorts of incidents. We encourage those interested to be fearless to just contact us and find out more. ”

We are extremely flexible with the way promotions are conducted and people are welcome to have special requests. For example, if people want to get acquainted with any particular product, whether it’s BDSM and/or grosser products, products that focus on oral sex or just about anything.

Sexual device 1

Saga says that the supply of sex products in Iceland so far is mainly intended for heterosexual people, and she welcomes the fact that the discussion about sex and sexual devices has opened up in recent years.

“We felt we needed products for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual behavior. We saw a hole in the market for something other than this defined norm, a market for all the marginalized groups that have been completely left out. ”

Lack of more specialized products

“We are very grateful for the wonderful reception we have received. There was clearly a shortage of products and services for such a broad and large group, but we put a lot of effort into offering more specialized products that serve different groups. ”

For example, we are the first store in Iceland to offer some kind of products for trans people.

Trans People

“It’s great that there has been a large selection in Iceland, but there have mainly been products for this defined” norm “, so to speak.”

Our goal from the beginning, however, has been to meet the needs of a wider group. For example, a group of homosexuals, transgender people, BDSM, and people with some form of physical disability.

We are mostly all sexual beings but with such different needs. This typical image of a sex toy is a picture of a single woman in bed with her vibrator, it has become a bit outdated. The spectrum is much bigger and of course, we welcome that.

Sexual Device 2

The magic carpet, sexually transmitted disease prevention for oral sex

Saga says it is very exciting to offer various innovations that have not been available so far in Iceland. One of them is a product called The Magic Blanket.

The magic carpet is actually a shield that people use in oral sex. Among other things, it can prevent people from contracting sexually transmitted diseases, for example in the mouth and throat. The magic carpet is very good protection there.

The store has so far only been accessible online, but Saga says that there will soon be a change.

“There are very exciting times ahead as we recently secured the purchase of new housing that we are renovating these days. This will actually be a lot more than just a shop so it will be really fun to tell people more about it later.

For people who want to give a presentation but do not have time to take it home, we will offer facilities for presentations where we can receive groups.

Sexual Device 3

Erotic web magazine
On the a website, it is not only possible to access the online store, but there is also an online magazine.

The online magazine is an area of the site where you can access all kinds of sex-related material. Articles, product reviews, stories, erotica, and everything.

Saga also wants to point out that people can send them suggestions or stories to the email address [email protected]

“We welcome all material that people want to share with us”, Saga concludes.

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