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Seven signs that you have a good husband

A good man will never limit a woman in realizing all her potentials

The perfect man doesn’t look, he acts! When it comes to physical appearance, the definition of perfection varies from person to person. But emotionally we all crave roughly similar qualities. These signs guarantee that you have a good husband or partner, experts say.

1. You feel safe with him – In the company of a good man, a woman will never feel insecure. Whether it’s insecurity related to physical appearance, the way he should do a task, or feelings about the relationship – a real man knows how to calm all a woman’s doubts.

2. Strengthens your self-confidence – A good man will never resort to manipulation, whether physical, emotional or sexual, to get what he wants or control the way his sweetheart thinks. He does not belittle. On the contrary, her behavior strengthens her self-confidence.

3. Gives you the wind in your back – A good man will never limit a woman in realizing all her potentials. She will be her biggest support, and if necessary, a shoulder to cry on. He will not allow his beloved to give up his dreams. On the contrary, it will be her motivation and inspiration.

Seven signs that you have a good husband

4. He is faithful to you – Deception does not occur to him, whether it is a physical or emotional deception. There is the only room in his life for one woman – you.

5. He knows that you need time only for yourself – A good man knows that a quality marriage is an eternal compromise between two people who need to dedicate separate free time only for their own interests. Moreover, it encourages you to take time for yourself.

6. It gives you space to be “your person” – If you ask him for advice, he will give you his opinion. But he will never impose his opinion or expect you to think like him. He appreciates you too much to behave like that.

7. You are always in the first place for him – You can rely on him in all moments of your life – he is your favorite person for celebrating the good news, but also for sharing difficult moments.

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