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    Question of the Week: Do you have any personal experience of sex addiction?

    According to a rough definition of sex addiction, this applies when the behavior of individuals related to sex begins to become compulsive and consequently bites at other aspects of life.

    It can be said that certain anarchy characterizes the lives of people who are sexually addicted and it has a great impact on both mental and physical well-being.

    Makamál recently published a list of 40 issues that characterize sex and love addicts but the list can be found on SLAA.IS.

    1-Do you have any personal experience of sex addiction-Megalopreneur

    SLAA is an organization of people who seek to recover from love and sex addiction, working on the basis of the 12-step system. All those who have suspicions or concerns about being sexually addicted are advised to seek advice from sexual counselors, psychologists, or SLAA.IS.

    Note that this survey only asks about sex addiction and not love addiction.

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