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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Plastic surgery does not stop shocking the public

Human ken Rodrigo Alves recently became a human barbie, Roddy Alves, and has now been renamed Jessica Alves again. With her plastic surgeries, she never ceases to shock the public, she has spent a fortune on them, and so far she has made more than 100. At first, she wanted to turn an ordinary man into a living Ken, and when she did, she decided to be a woman.

Her swollen and distorted photos after surgery have offended social media users around the world, but she is proud of them. Jessica is a popular television personality born in Brazil, and she started wearing women’s clothes when she was a little boy. Apart from her plastic surgeries, she is known for her participation in the British Big Brother. Her face is getting worse and worse, and she admitted the pandemic stopped her from continuing surgeries, some of which went wrong for her.

– I have scars on my nose. I wanted to rebuild it so they removed my cartilage because of it. But she failed, now I can’t even breathe. I try to enjoy life in a different way, without plastic surgery. I try to be happy without it – she said once.

– I’m real now. Glamorous, beautiful, feminine. I tried to live as a man for years. I had plates on my stomach, muscles in my arms, but I was just lying to myself. I am a woman and I have always had a feminine brain. Now my bodysuits my mind – she said once, but what we see now does not go exactly with these words. Namely, the paparazzi have now photographed her in a hair salon in London fixing her extensions, and her face looked like plastic.


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