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    People still want to see my breasts, even though I’m 62 years old

    I never thought I was that sexy

    Although long in her seventh decade of life, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is still considered a sex symbol by many. How she looks at it, she revealed in an interview with “Town & Country” –

    – ‘People still want to see my breasts. Well, I’m 62! Let’s grow up – said the star of the movie “Raw Passions”, about whose legendary scene, in which a white mini dress in a police station is swung over one leg while wearing nothing underneath, is still talked about today.

    Sharon touched on why she thinks she is still so attractive to men.

    – Really, I never thought I was that sexy. When I was filming “Raw Passions,” I was exploring my “dark side” and thus making some new friends. I managed to bring myself to not be afraid and not ashamed of myself and I think that is what people consider sexy on me – said the actress.

    She also revealed how sometimes it is difficult for her to reconcile the fact that sex is a symbol, no matter what difficult and serious roles she accepted.

    – It’s hard sometimes because everyone expects me to be what they’re used to all the time. It was difficult for Marilyn Monroe as well. She made important films, such as “Bus Station” and “Unadjusted”, but she never managed to move away from her sex appeal and created image – Sharon believes.

    Latest Posts


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