Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Pattinson has a crown, the shooting of the movie about “Batman” has been stopped

    The official trailer is, as they write, mystical and fantastic

    The production company “Warner Bros.” confirmed that the filming of their biggest project announced for next year has been temporarily stopped, all because one actor is infected with the corona.

    Although they did not want to name the infected person, so as not to stigmatize him, Vanity Fair learns from reliable sources that it is Robert Pattinson (34).

    The famous Briton is in the new sequel to the movie about ” Batman ” in the role of a superhero, and because of the virus, he is in treatment and in isolation.

    – One member of the production was tested and tested positive for Covid-19. It is located in isolation in accordance with established protocols. The recording has been temporarily paused – it is written in the announcement of one of the largest production companies in the world.

    Although “Batman” fans spat on actor Pattinson, the star of “Twilight Saga” when they heard that he would play a comic book hero, the trailer that came out at the end of August “shut up” their mouths.

    The official trailer is, as they write, mystical and fantastic. This “Batman” will be the darkest so far, which can be seen in the announcement through music and footage. It is currently the most anticipated film of the year, but filming will have to wait a while.

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