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    Managers wanted to share a room with this “Grand Star”

    We should work more with her in order to make her a singing, quality, and attractive star – said the Bosnian at one time

    One of the members of “Zvezda Granda”, Dragan Stojkovic Bosanac, mentioned Biljana Biba Sulimanovic as a great potential of this competition for a few years ago. As he said, he expected a lot from her, but the beautiful singer eventually disappointed him because she failed to use her five minutes of fame.

    – She is infinitely talented and beautiful. More work should be done with her in order to make her a singing, quality, and attractive star – said the Bosnian at the time.

    On this occasion, Biljana announced that she did not want to make a career over the bed.

    -When I said that I am not someone who will be with someone over the bed, I thought so. I am very sorry that I even got into the situation of being offered something like that for career advancement. It was in an indirect way, they didn’t have as much audacity to say in the face. Apparently they thought I was so stupid, there was a situation that managers and various people wanted to share a common room with me, it was all clear to me where it would lead. Girls who have become stars overnight have to dig up their beds and do everything. Intimate films, silicones, that’s all that describes them. It is unfortunate that they have to sleep with the elderly for money, there is everything there. Even my older colleagues gave me advice on why I don’t wear silicones and that I have to change because I don’t have to look like an aunt – says Biljana and adds:

    – This year has failed for everyone and no one is working. From March to August, many of my performances failed, I am certainly at a loss of more than 20,000 euros. I wanted to invest in a new song and make a video, but I still don’t need to plan – the singer concludes.

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