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I wasn’t supposed to succeed, I was supposed to be a prostitute, a 16-year-old mother, or addicted to drugs

Alicia Keys, 39, spoke in an honest interview with the Guardian about her life and career, and her words that she could end up as a prostitute caused a big storm in the public.

– At the time when I started launching my music to the world, it was not a trend at all. All the radio stations thought I was a 40-year-old jazz singer, when in fact I was 19, wearing ponytails and coming from Harlem, ”Alicia said.
However, she “broke through” in 2001 by performing the song “Fallin” on the show Oprah Winfrey.

It turned out that the song defined her, her career.


Speaking about the second song, “Underdog”, the American singer admitted that she could have ended up as some other African-American woman from her area at the time – as a prostitute or a drug addict.

“Underdog” is a song from her new album, which she worked on in collaboration with Ed Sheeran and in which she sends support to all those who dream of a better life.


– I am the person from the song, the one who should not have managed to escape from the area, who should have ended up as a prostitute, a young mother at the age of 16, or addicted to drugs. I am the one who could have found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and been hurt or killed. What is a dream anyway? A dream is a luxury if you have to pay all those bills and put food on the table for your children. So I understand how much strength it takes to go your own way. That’s why my songs give strength to others. I wrote a lot in the worst moments of my life – Alicia pointed out and touched many people around the world, especially women.

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