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    I do not get meat because everyone in the neighborhood knows my story

    A man seeks advice from Deidre, The Sun’s sex and relationship counselor. The man has a hard time getting standing pain.

    “I’m having a hard time getting meat with my new lover. I think the reason is that everyone in town knows my story. My ex-wife left me two years ago, for a man she met through our children’s school. They are both 32 years old and I am 35 years old. “Everyone was talking about this for many months and my children heard about it at school,” says the man.

    “It has been very difficult. The children move between me and their mother, who now lives with the same man. I’ve met a new woman, but I’m having a hard time. She says it does not matter but I want to show her that I can be a good lover. “

    Deidre advises the man:

    “It must be difficult, but I bet the people in the neighborhood are with you and want to see you happy. It’s great to have met someone who is understanding. Do not allow your ex-wife to ruin your future.

    Go back to square one and focus on kissing, massaging, and stroking each other without having the possibility of having sex hanging over you. “Soon your pain will return.”

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