How to spend a vacation in quarantine 2020

Forecasters predict warm autumn.

Summer has passed, but forecasters predict warm autumn. And the velvet season is just around the corner. Therefore, many Ukrainians are looking for an answer to the question – “Where and how to spend a vacation at the beginning of autumn is safe?”

In this article, we will talk about popular vacation spots during quarantine 2020. We will also tell you how an online loan will save your vacation.

Vacation and quarantine: how many days is an employee entitled to?

According to the Labor Code and the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Aimed at Preventing and Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)” dated March 30, 2020, the time spent on self-isolation does not cancel the employee’s paid vacation.

Therefore, an employee, if he works officially, has the right:

• go on vacation in accordance with the previously approved vacation plan;

• according to Art. 84 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, an employee can take leave without pay for more than 15 days/year, and this will not be a violation of the Labor Code (requires a written contract).

However, so that the employer could not send the employee on leave without pay forcibly, or, on the contrary, refuse to pay “vacation pay”, the legislator established a fine for violating the provisions of the Labor Code (Art. 172 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) – from UAH 34’000 to UAH 51’000 …

Therefore, if vacation time is right, you can use it even if you are in quarantine. It is important to contact the employer in advance and agree on the leave-in writing.

Where to rest for a Ukrainian in quarantine: 4 options for any budget

We are talking about the options for spending a vacation in quarantine 2020.

1. Abroad

At the end of August 2020, more than 20 countries are open for travel for Ukrainians, including Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand. In addition, at the beginning of September, tour operators often offer discounts of 25-40% on hot tours. And during the quarantine period, promotions can be even more profitable.

For example, a ticket to Sharm el-Sheikh for a week for one will cost less than UAH 10’000, taking into account the flight and transfer to the 5 * hotel (information excluding discounts at the end of August 2020).

2. Vacation in Ukraine

Every summer, Ukrainians love to relax on the sea or in the Carpathians. And now quarantine makes it possible to have time to enjoy the sea sunsets and conquer the mountain peaks of Ukraine at once in one season.

The cost of a room on the coast of Zatoka is 20% cheaper than last year (from 800 UAH). At the same time, on the shores of Lake Synevyr, you can rent a room in a cottage (from 600 UAH / day) or a two-story house (from 800 UAH / day).

Also, to relax in nature, you can go to the country house or camping.

3. At home

If you are afraid of the second wave of coronavirus and want to play it safe, then you can organize a vacation at home. To do this, psychologists advise not to watch TV shows or play computer games, but to do what there was not enough time for during work. For example:

• pamper yourself with aromatherapy, or do yoga;

• take courses for a hobby or master a new profession;

• virtual tours – visit the Louvre, the Hermitage, and other museums remotely, free of charge. And if you buy VR glasses for these purposes, you can visit the most famous places on the planet without leaving your home, without wasting time and money.

If you take a responsible approach to spend your vacation at home, you can have an inexpensive, informative, and enjoyable vacation.

If, after 6 months of quarantine, you spent the money that you put off on vacation, your vacation plans will be saved by an online loan. For example, in Credit365 you can apply for up to UAH 20,000 for a period of 30 days and go on vacation while discounts on vouchers are in effect or their price is lower than usual.

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