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    Five rules of tooth care

    If you wet your toothbrush before you start brushing your teeth, how much time do you spend brushing them, which toothpaste do you use…

    People have different attitudes when it comes to brushing their teeth. Therefore, recently experts and with these authorities to readers, The Guardian explain what is correct and what is not in performing oral hygiene.

    1. A dry toothbrush increases friction and insufficiently dilutes substances in toothpaste, while a wet toothbrush makes the process of brushing teeth more pleasant for most people. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and spent two minutes for detailed rubbing, which should not be rough so as not to injure the gums.

    2. Tooth enamel suffers due to sweets and carbohydrates because the enzymes in these substances affect the formation of acid that damages the teeth. That is why it is not good to brush your teeth immediately after taking the juice, but first, you should wait for ten minutes, then rinse your mouth with water, and only then use a toothbrush.

    3. It is not good to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth, because that way the fluoride is removed from the toothpaste. The real improvement in tooth preservation in the last three decades has been made possible by fluoride from toothpaste.

    4. Even various “waters” for removing bad breath are not completely safe, according to dentists, who note that sometimes it is better to use probiotics instead of these liquids.

    5. Many people tend to whiten their teeth with various means, but this can lead to damage and even tooth loss, experts note, adding that a dentist should be consulted before using toothpaste and other teeth whitening preparations

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