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    Do you know why the Hollywood beauty ended up behind bars in 1995?

    It was not clear to anyone how he could afford it …

    Popular Hollywood actor Hugh Grant made the wrong move in 1995 that now accompanies him throughout his career.

    He was in a relationship with Elizabeth Hurley at the time that every man was suffering from so everyone was in shock when the police arrested him for a mistake he probably never forgave himself.

    Namely, he was caught having sex in a car with a prostitute Divine Brown, who profited greatly from that because she told her story to magazines around the world. The actor was sentenced to misconduct in public and served two years probation, and as icing on the cake, I have to go through AIDS education.

    After that scandal, he was a guest on numerous talk shows in which he let everyone know that he was aware that he had done the wrong thing.

    – I was just an idiot. I didn’t even try to say I had psychological problems. I just said – ‘Yeah, I did it, I’m guilty,’ ”the actor once said.

    Latest Posts


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