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    Difficult situations for parents as well: When a child is stubborn

    Hug your child more often, and in his “quiet phases,” tell him how much you love him

    There are periods in a child’s development when he joguni, inati, opposes. These are difficult situations for parents as well, but try to deal with your naughty offspring with the following recommendations:

    – Help your child by not adding nervousness and creating a conflict situation in this phase of spite.

    – Review your “list of rules and prohibitions”. Note that the “Less is more” rule applies here as well.

    – Explain to the child briefly and clearly what you require of him and avoid endless explanations and lectures.

    – Be consistent! Nothing confuses a child more than once something is allowed and then forbidden.

    – Hug your child more often, and in his “quiet phases” tell him how much you love him.

    – Support your child in situations where he is trying to be independent. Offer him situations in which he can express his independence. Find time for joint endeavors in which the child dictates the pace.

    – If you feel that you are not up to some situations, seek professional advice in time.

    Latest Posts


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