Constant hunger is a signal for serious illness

When you are under stress the levels of stress hormones increase, which will encourage your body to crave food

Just because you ’re hungry doesn’t mean your body needs more calories. These medical conditions, experts say, can reveal what the problem is.

Defense mechanism

Depression – If you do not understand why you are constantly hungry, one of the possible answers maybe your mood. Food intake is often a defense mechanism in people suffering from depression or anxiety, and one of the reasons may be that they do not have enough serotonin, and foods like pasta can raise its level.

Stress – When you are under stress the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, rise which will encourage your body to crave food, even if in reality you don’t need calories. Although it is not a necessity, cortisol sends signals to the brain that you are not full. This is exactly why stress is associated with excessive weight gain.

Thyroid – If you are constantly hungry and eat more than usual, but somehow seem to still be lean, it is possible that your thyroid is causing problems.

This gland is an endocrine hormonal organ that speeds up all the processes in the body, so you can expect that your metabolism will speed up, and as a result, hunger will occur.

The vicious circle

Obesity – Excessive eating can lead to obesity, but it is a vicious circle where obesity itself can cause a constant craving for food. Excess fat can cause excessive insulin secretion, and a strong appetite is a result.

Diabetes – Type 1 and type 2 diabetes will disrupt blood sugar levels which will create a cycle in which hunger constantly occurs. Low blood sugar levels whet your appetite, but overeating in this case can only make things worse.

Medications are also a problem

Increased appetite is a side effect of using certain medications, such as those against depression, allergies, and lupus. Don’t skip medications, but if they don’t work well for you, talk to your doctor about a possible replacement.

Dehydration and insomnia

Even if you just feel hungry you may have misunderstood an organism that actually only wants water. When you are dehydrated, without feeling the physical consequences, it is possible to feel hungry first. Experts advise that you start the day with water and always have it nearby. Don’t drink sugary drinks instead of water which will only send signals to the brain that you are hungry.

Also, without the recommended sleep that should last eight hours, it is difficult for the body to regulate the work of hormones that control appetite, so they will increase and you will not care what you eat, just eat something. As stress is often the cause of insomnia, try to deal with this problem so that you no longer have trouble sleeping.

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