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    Bjorgvin’s cool about love, the age difference and the attention

    Singer Svala Bjorgvinsdottir has found love again. The lucky one is named Kristjan Einar Sigurbjornsson and is a 22-year-old fisherman and father from Husavik. The union was revealed in the media at the beginning of the week and attracted a lot of public attention.

    We only heard in Svala to inquire about love, attention, and music.

    Svala and Kristjan met a month ago through mutual friends. “We immediately became good friends. he is an incredibly well-made copy and a great character. He is an incredibly great humorist, fun, and a good person, “says Svala.

    As mentioned earlier, news about the union attracted a lot of attention and most of the country’s media covered it. Asked if it is not strange that people are so interested in her private life, Svala says:

    “I have no private life and it is often very difficult. I try my best to keep my privacy a secret, but it’s not going very well, especially since so much of it is in the media. However, I have long been accustomed to this as I have been in the spotlight since childhood, and my dad and brother too. I still find it a bit funny that people are poking around in my life because there is nothing so interesting or more interesting than the lives of others. I’m just an ordinary person and I feel nothing more remarkable than anyone else. I would sometimes be willing to not be known so that people do not have opinions about me and my life and how I should live it. But that’s the way it is, the by-product of fame is just like that and I have to live with it. ”

    Despite being used to the spotlight, Svala is hurt when she reads ugly comments about herself from people who do not know her.

    “I have such a big mouse in me and I am very sensitive, even though I always try to be strong. I still think that people who speak ill of others without knowing the person just feel very bad and may need a friend or a hug. ”

    Age difference
    Kristjan Einar is 22 years old and Svala is 43 years old. There is therefore a 21-year age difference between the couple and Svala says that age is relative.

    “Regarding the age difference, I always find it so ridiculous that men can date or be with women who are maybe 20-25 years younger and no one says anything. It’s just normal and nobody likes it. So when women are dating younger men, people have very strong opinions about it and it is considered taboo. Absolute hypocrisy, I’m just saying, and I think people can just live their lives and do what makes them happy. Age is relative, I have friends of all ages and I do not judge people by age. It is their soul that says everything about the character and if she is good and beautiful then I connect with them, “says Svala.

    New music
    Svala was releasing a song with Dadi and Helga Benni the other day called Voulez Vous but she is currently working on a new album.

    “I’m going to release a brand new song from my new album called Sjalfbjarga. That song will be released on September 4 through Sony in Denmark. I wrote the song with GDRN and Bjarki Omar. The album is all in Icelandic and I worked with incredibly talented people on this album. This is a five-track EP and I have never been as vulnerable and personal as on this album. The album was all composed in December 2019 and January 2020. I am very excited to release the songs and allow people to hear, “she says.

    Svala admits that the COVID epidemic has taken its toll on her account as a musician.

    “COVID is influencing everyone and especially us musicians as we all work to entertain people every weekend and on weekdays as well. And now there is not much to do in crowds, so you have little to do. I find it difficult because I love singing for people and I miss not being able to. But we are all together in this state and the whole world just. We must stand together and go through this together, obey the rules, and respect each other and be patient. Soon there will be a better time, “she says.

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